Value Engineered LED Lighting Retrofit Program


U.S. RETROFITS provides an LED state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting retrofit solution that will significantly reduce your electrical consumption, eliminate maintenance for five years at no out-of-pocket up front cost to business owners.

No Up Front Cost

No up front cost to the business.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient lighting saves up to 70% of your lighting cost.

Savings Pay For Itself

The money that you will be saving will pay for the retrofit.

5 Year Warranty

Five years labor and material warranty included in the finance package.

Trouble Free Lighting

Trouble free lighting for 5 years and an expected life of 50,000 + hours.
Free existing lighting assessment of your facilities for both interior and exterior lighting to include lighting, operating hours and annual KWH consumed by your lighting.

Proposal recommending an LED retrofit solution of your existing lighting. Proposal includes total project cost, any available utility company rebates, and annual savings by retrofitting. Five year monthly utility cost savings, monthly payment and monthly cash flow analysis.

When most people wonder how to increase business profits they think of increasing sales.  Another way to maximize profits is by continually analyzing and reducing overhead costs. A business owner should always be tracking their utility costs. This is where US RETROFITS comes into the picture. Your utility costs are a fixed part of the business budget, but they go up every year!  Utility rates are increasing, on average, 1.5% annually. Let us help you reduce your utility costs, and at the same time provide a better work environment for your workforce.

Our program helps a company to reallocate funds from existing monthly utility payments and make the switch to energy saving LED lighting. This reallocation of budget funds can pay for the total cost of the LED lighting Retrofit. This means no money out of pocket to make the switch. In most cases, a business sees positive cash flow after making the switch to LED lighting. And in every case, the workforce reports a better working environment.

US Retrofits: Who We Are

US Retrofits has value engineered lighting retrofits for your business by partnering with LED Manufacturers, lenders and licensed contractors to provide our customers with a complete and competitive option to make your business energy efficient. It is a very simple business decision to become energy efficient by reallocating the funds you are obligated to pay monthly to your utility company and use those savings to pay for the cost of retrofitting.
Retrofits Completed
YRS of Experience

Only DLC, DLC Premium and Energy Star products installed with a minimum of five years manufacture warranty!

Free First Consultation

Contact US Retrofits to set up your free consultation which includes a lighting assessment of your facilities for both interior and exterior lighting. This assessment includes lighting, operating hours and annual KWH consumed by your lighting.


    Our Qualified Team


    Rick Whyte

    Founder and Co-Owner

    Lifetime entrepreneur that has helped more than 1000 businesses, churches and schools become energy efficient with LED lighting in Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas NV.

    Susan Whyte

    Chief Financial Officer

    Susan Whyte CFO has a 35+ year history of financial management history and business ownership experience. Susan has worked for fortune 500’s as well as several different industries and is very experienced in the field of LED lighting retrofits thru utility company rebate programs.  As our CFO for the past nine years she has processed hundreds of projects thru local utility companies for rebates.

    Cory Whyte


    For the last 20 years Cory has been meeting and exceeding client expectations, as a contractor to homeowners and as a residential real estate agent. His passion for helping others has driven his success. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Cory has now found helping businesses become more profitable through cutting expenses and creating a better work environment to be extremely rewarding.

    Ed Ricks

    Ed Ricks

    Senior Energy Consultant

    For the last fifty years Ed has been in sales and customer service. “I feel I can be of value to any company that needs help in reducing their operating costs by lowering their energy consumption”. Customer Service is his most important issue and he cares about the workmanship of our products and installations done by our service people.

    Over the last five years Ed has helped more than 100 businesses, schools and churches become more energy efficient by retrofitting their lighting to LED technology.

    “The impossible we do right away…..Miracles take a little longer”


    Karey Dowden

    Senior Energy Consultant

    Karey’s passion is Arizona. She has been a resident of Arizona since childhood. Karey has seen the valley energy needs soar from a 29th largest rank urban city in the U.S. to the 5th largest city in the U.S. Naturally, energy conservation has become a huge concern for all. Karey is a Real Estate Agent with an extensive background in Commercial/Residential Property Management, Sales and Leasing. Karey’s goal is to use her knowledge to help reduce the valleys’ energy consumption, so we can provide energy for generations to come.


    Doug East

    Senior Energy Consultant

    Doug has spent the last 40 years in business to business sales and has vast experience in helping businesses become more profitable with energy efficiency. With a solid back ground in solar energy for businesses and a strong interest in helping businesses become “Green” Doug has joined the US Retrofits team.  Doug has positioned himself to be an all inclusive resource to energy efficiency and savings for businesses with expertise in Solar, Load Controllers and Led Lighting Retrofits.

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